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04/25/11 - Wandering around Boston with Topaz since our flight doesn't leave till 9pm!

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id: 32928
We decided to check out Wagamama after hearing so much about it over the weekend
id: 32929
Looking over the menu
id: 32930
We tried to split a ramen. It didn't go very well
id: 32931
Topaz got a big kick out of the musical installations at Kendall station
id: 32932
id: 32933
As expected, there was weird stuff afoot at MIT
id: 32934
There were a lot of things happening for the 150th anniversary
id: 32935
The old dinosaur outside the Museum of Science!
id: 32936
id: 32937
Topaz really liked the math room
id: 32938
Crazy bubble shapes!
id: 32939
A cubical bubble!
id: 32940
Sand tracing out patterns
id: 32941
Electricity tube!
id: 32942
The giant Van de Graff generator!
id: 32943
Unfortunately, we missed the lightning show, but they're still impressive to look at
id: 32944
Various electric exhibits
id: 32945
I have the powerrr
id: 32946
Jacob's Ladder
id: 32947
Giant plasma ball
id: 32948
Packbot! Made by iRobot, a company I've invested in!
id: 32949
I love the tornado machine!
id: 32950
They had a simulated Mars rover that you could direct via a computer
id: 32951
Then you can watch it drive around
id: 32952
id: 32953
Another iRobot product, the Roomba, rigged up for science!
id: 32954
You issued a series of instructions via little puzzle pieces
id: 32955
Topaz programs the robot
id: 32956
Star Wars isn't science!
id: 32957
I love the LM display
id: 32958
The DSKY display isn't entirely accurate, but this is pretty great
id: 32959
Well this is just about the creepiest thing ever
id: 32960
Wave pool!
id: 32961
A giant model of Mount Everest
id: 32962
A closeup on the rings of the giant tree
id: 32963
It was born around the same time as Julius Caeser
id: 32964
id: 32965
The new dinosaur, which stands in a more accurate way than the one they moved outside
id: 32966
This Mercury mockup made the capsule look a lot roomier than it really was
id: 32967
This button poll is still going!
id: 32968
Topaz doing science
id: 32969
This is how science happens
id: 32970
That crazy holographic spring!
id: 32971
This mirror really magnified me
id: 32972
Another angle of the Skylab model
id: 32973
Mel hated this room when we went a few years ago
id: 32974
Laser foosball!
id: 32975
Rotate the mirrors and redirect the laser!
id: 32976
This looks like a laser guitar
id: 32977
Giant DNA model
id: 32978
Haha, cats is dumb
id: 32979
How much English have you?
id: 32980
What units??
id: 32981
Cloudy Boston
id: 32982
Did James Cameron get sent back in time?
id: 32983
Move your arms like a bird!
id: 32984
It's that crazy raccoon that Mel posed with!
id: 32985
That is one huge geode
id: 32986
What a crazy rock
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