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04/28/11 - John Lawrence is moving back to India! We had a farewell lunch for him.

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id: 32987
We'll miss you John! He'll be on the phone, but it's not the same
id: 32988
Divya loves lunch
id: 32989
"What's that you've got there, a camera?"
id: 32990
John and John
id: 32991
Veena told me to stop taking her picture. As we all know, that always works.
id: 32992
Busting out the telephoto to take pictures of John at the other end of the table
id: 32993
Pepper is badass
id: 32994
Veena took this picture of me
id: 32995
Hey Shawn
id: 32996
Looking good, Jeff
id: 32997
Hey John!
id: 32998
Beager always makes a face when he notices the camera
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