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05/01/11 - A camping trip to Allegheny National Park with Topaz and the crew!

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id: 32999
Pack the trunk!
id: 33000
This is Kate's "I saw the camera pointing at me" face
id: 33001
Camping is exciting!
id: 33002
Chris and Topaz look over the map to the camping site
id: 33003
id: 33004
The Teo Bus!
id: 33005
id: 33006
id: 33007
id: 33008
Ben and Suz skip off to the Teo Bus
id: 33009
Dani is cold
id: 33010
Oops, busted
id: 33011
Dani takes some pictures
id: 33012
Huddling against the cold
id: 33013
id: 33014
Driving to the camp site
id: 33015
We came well prepared
id: 33016
Well prepared indeed
id: 33017
Joel gets the fire going
id: 33018
Suz gets some cheese and crackers ready so we can eat while we wait for dinner.
id: 33019
Dani cuts some bread or something
id: 33020
id: 33021
Chris moves the D&D map
id: 33022
Teo brought a bunch of hamburgers
id: 33023
Stoking the fire
id: 33024
Teo labels the aluminum foil packets
id: 33025
Don't mix them up!
id: 33026
Each person got a packet full of meat and vegetables
id: 33027
Packets on the fire!
id: 33028
Camera duel!
id: 33029
Joel at the dinner table
id: 33030
Ben was a fan of the Teo packets
id: 33031
Signing to Dani
id: 33032
Jokes are funny
id: 33033
It's tough to catch Chris looking at ease since he panics when he sees a camera
id: 33034
Dani works on a D&D campaign
id: 33035
Planning is hard
id: 33036
Ben suggested we try some light painting, which I immediately jumped on
id: 33037
An early test with the LED flashlight on my phone
id: 33038
Ben did a great job drawing a rocket
id: 33039
Shape explosion!
id: 33040
Rainbow road!
id: 33041
Ben writes a message for his mom
id: 33042
Holding swords!
id: 33043
id: 33044
Light explosion!
id: 33045
Some sort of card game?
id: 33046
Suz had a sweet xkcd hoodie
id: 33047
id: 33048
id: 33049
You can't see this sign but it says "NO BOYS ALLOWED"
id: 33050
Bacon in the morning!
id: 33051
id: 33052
Gathering around the breakfast table
id: 33053
Joel mans the bacon station
id: 33054
We also had french toast
id: 33055
Dani reviews the map
id: 33056
Planning the day's activities
id: 33057
I hung the camera down under the bed to take this blind picture of Kate
id: 33058
Dani wandering around outside
id: 33059
Dani and Ben
id: 33060
Heading to the Teo Bus!
id: 33061
Fancy house across the lake
id: 33062
So many destinations!
id: 33063
Teo Bus!
id: 33064
I thought this picture of "stone tower" would make a good wallpaper
id: 33065
Grafiiti'd, of course
id: 33066
Care to go upstairs?
id: 33067
Topaz is loving this
id: 33068
Chris skulks away from the camera.. or so he thinks
id: 33069
Joel mans a corner
id: 33070
id: 33071
Hugging is nice
id: 33072
Suz captures some moments on her camera
id: 33073
Topaz takes the crazy corner
id: 33074
Looking at distant cabins with my telephoto lens
id: 33075
Topaz runs off into the woods to be one with nature
id: 33076
Picture time!
id: 33077
id: 33078
Kate looking around
id: 33079
Hanging out in the stone tower
id: 33080
Teo's got the shifty eyes
id: 33081
Lots of people out to enjoy the nature
id: 33082
Sporting my SR2 hat
id: 33083
Teo Bussss
id: 33084
Oh yeah, this looks safe
id: 33085
Suz spots the camera
id: 33086
Wandering around in the woods
id: 33087
Ben gets in touch with his Na'vi side
id: 33088
Pictures of nature!
id: 33089
Topaz stands on a lens flare
id: 33090
Joel on a rock
id: 33091
Ben carefully edges along one of the rocks at Thunder Rocks
id: 33092
Yaaay rocks!
id: 33093
Some of the rocks were pretty tall
id: 33094
Ben standing around
id: 33095
I narrowly missed a Chris action shot
id: 33096
Topaz used the tree to his advantage to climb up
id: 33097
Joel found a natural chair
id: 33098
This rock looks like a pile of pancakes or something
id: 33099
How did Ben get up there?
id: 33100
Better question.. how is he going to get down?
id: 33101
Very carefully, that's how
id: 33102
Cool water reflections on the rock
id: 33103
I got his Chris action shot! Actually I missed it and had him jump again
id: 33104
We found this outline on a rock, so decided to just go with it and murder Teo
id: 33105
The site of Teo's body
id: 33106
Ben riding a giant stone dolphin
id: 33107
Dolphins are fun
id: 33108
Dani thinks all these people are silly
id: 33109
Time to get the fire going again.. our favorite part!
id: 33110
Suz took these next few pictures
id: 33111
Me up on my perch between the bunk beds
id: 33112
The only reasonable way to handle two nearly empty bottles of beer
id: 33113
Kate was roped into playing D&D with the rest of these clowns
id: 33114
This is what Topaz looks like about 70% of the time. Close your mouth!
id: 33115
Going through the intricacies of setting up a D&D character
id: 33116
Chris reviews one of hte rule books
id: 33117
Suz also helped Kate with her character
id: 33118
Joel comes through with the crazy sandwich cooking apparatus
id: 33119
id: 33120
Teo's got a worringly mischievious grin
id: 33121
My turn to make sandwiches
id: 33122
The D&D session in progress
id: 33123
I'm pretty sure the wings on this guy were made out of a security envelope
id: 33124
Fire lady
id: 33125
The sandwiches came out great!
id: 33126
Kate's fancy D&D character name
id: 33127
Teo's.. simpler name
id: 33128
Suz's name
id: 33129
Joel's name
id: 33130
Ben's name has weird glottal stops and stuff in it
id: 33131
It's rare to get Chris to not dodge the camera
id: 33132
Apparently being the dungeon master involves a lot of flailing wildly
id: 33133
Actually I think being Topaz involves a lot of flailing wildly
id: 33134
Got to come prepared with various dice
id: 33135
Teo is holding turkey here, but Ben thought it was a sock. That raises some questions about what kind of sandwiches Ben has been eating
id: 33136
The tragically ignored fruit salad
id: 33137
Kate's not sure what to think about this D&D nonsense
id: 33138
She seems a little alarmed by Topaz's gesticulations
id: 33139
Super geeky, but fun
id: 33140
Our intrepid adventurers
id: 33141
That is a giant D20
id: 33142
The D&D table as seen from my perch
id: 33143
Lots of paper, dice, figures, maps, soda.. typical
id: 33144
Ben was shocked to discover me taking his picture
id: 33145
This looks like a good hallway to roll a giant rock down
id: 33146
Chris is too tired to hold his own head up
id: 33147
Topaz likes to wear this shirt while DMing
id: 33148
Silly Dani
id: 33149
Signing to Dani about what the hell is going on
id: 33150
I realized I never took any pictures of the area around our cabin.. so here's one
id: 33151
I accidentally took this picture, but I liked it
id: 33152
OK, this is blatently out of focus, my bad, but it's still pretty great. Unfortunately, Chris had already gone home.
id: 33153
Everyone go crazy! For some reason we all screamed too
id: 33154
Olympia diner was pretty awesome
id: 33155
Heyyy, that's not a skylight!
id: 33156
Me in the mirror!
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