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05/12/11 - Beager's birthday, stuff in my backyard, foosball, Starbucks, and shuttle practice!

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id: 33157
This is Beager's "birthday" face
id: 33158
Closeup of Steve!
id: 33159
Four developers walk into a bar..
id: 33160
Hey bird, that water isn't clean!
id: 33161
The bird doesn't care
id: 33162
Little airplane!
id: 33163
Bigger bird
id: 33164
Much bigger bird!
id: 33165
This plane flew almost directly overhead!
id: 33166
Kevin mans the foosball table
id: 33167
We tried to get TV coverage from the tiny helicopter
id: 33168
Foosball: serious business
id: 33169
My foos partner Mike watches the helicopter
id: 33170
Foosball action!
id: 33171
Twist those knobs!
id: 33172
Kevin and Scott, our COO
id: 33173
So much drama playso ut on this field
id: 33174
The look of concentration..
id: 33175
One mistake and you could be out of the tournament!
id: 33176
Joe likes to egg people on
id: 33177
Other contestants size up the competition
id: 33178
Serve it up!
id: 33179
Which team will win??
id: 33180
I had a stress test done and this was the echocardiogram computer
id: 33181
Various doctor-y things
id: 33182
This was just flatlining since I wasn't hooked in yet
id: 33183
Chris wonders why I'm taking pictures
id: 33184
That's better!
id: 33185
I couldn't get this stupid mobile internet device to work
id: 33186
Starbucks.. it's coffee!
id: 33187
Topaz does his Topaz impression
id: 33188
"Why do you keep taking pictures of me??"
id: 33189
And off they go! Off to see Thor
id: 33190
This is obviously a terrible picture, but I left it in to show how I practiced the timing for the shuttle launch.. taking pictures of replays on Youtube!
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