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05/14/11 - I arrive in Florida for a week of hanging with James, NASA, and Disney!

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id: 33191
S'up buddy, long time no see!
id: 33192
James has this really pitiful "family portrait" sticker thing on the back of his car.. it's just him!
id: 33193
First things first.. check tire pressure! ..?
id: 33194
Oh god, the clock is running!
id: 33195
Filling up tires with Dragon Challenge and Hogwarts in the background. James clearly has moved to the right place..
id: 33196
James checks his phone
id: 33197
Chilling in IKEA
id: 33198
The chair made an ominous "clunk"..
id: 33199
..before suddenly tipping backwards
id: 33200
This is how James transported his new plant
id: 33201
Driving along
id: 33202
James wisely bought a sleeping bag to use on the STS-134 vigil onthe bridge. I really came to regret not getting one
id: 33203
This was supposed to be a before and after of the new TV shelf but I forgot to take the "after"!
id: 33204
James' crazy bird thing.. it bobs its head and rotates in the wind
id: 33205
The hunter becomes the hunted?
id: 33206
James playing with the zoom lens
id: 33207
My turn to play with the zoom lens! (He was about 200 feet away)
id: 33208
Thinking about phones?
id: 33209
This is the very moment that raw video of liposuction appeared on the tv James was watching. I love it.
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