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05/20/11 - Hanging out with James in Orlando!

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id: 33314
There's a nuclear power plant outside of Orlando.. cool!
id: 33315
This was the best shot of Hogwarts at Universal I got all week
id: 33316
James gets caught off guard
id: 33317
My STS-134 hat
id: 33318
James' obscene Waffle House meal: quadruple hash browns with cheese, smothered in salsa (followed by a slice of chocolate pie)
id: 33319
Universal Studios! Right across the street from James' apartment
id: 33320
This power line goes right by James' house
id: 33321
Don't touch it!
id: 33322
Looking up the pylon
id: 33323
These weird turkey-faced ducks were all around James' apartment complex
id: 33324
Pylon in the sunset
id: 33325
There were a million "lovebugs" in the air, so every car was covered with them
id: 33326
Token man runs over with some tokens
id: 33327
It's air hockey time
id: 33328
I crushed him at air hockey. Who knew?
id: 33329
Gecko!! They were all over the place
id: 33330
Behold! The ultimate asshole parker! I guess he has an excuse though..
id: 33331
Looking down the road that James lives off of
id: 33332
Weird enclosed walkway..
id: 33333
James' fish!
id: 33334
id: 33335
You can't hide from me, fish
id: 33336
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