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05/21/11 - I go on a whirlwind tour of Disney World (Animal Kingdom and Epcot)

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id: 33392
They had a big tram to pick us up from the parking lot
id: 33393
James loves pictures
id: 33394
Animal Kingdom! Be careful not to cover the "I" and "M" in your family photo
id: 33395
That big tree! It's actually made out of an oil rig
id: 33396
You can hide from raptors on top of this
id: 33397
Creepy skeleturtle
id: 33398
Time machine?
id: 33399
Fancy wig
id: 33400
Fake mountain!
id: 33401
James will be mad that I can't remember the name of this ride
id: 33402
Hey cool, prayer flags
id: 33403
Lots of little kids wandering around
id: 33404
It was an impressive fake mountain and looked tallker than its 190 feet
id: 33405
Nice path
id: 33406
These bats are HUGE!
id: 33407
id: 33408
Cats are always sleeping
id: 33409
Cow? Or.. something
id: 33410
Deer? Or.. something
id: 33411
Lots of prayer flags
id: 33412
They had them all strung up over the path
id: 33413
This was the best shot I got of.. whatever primate this is. I was hoping he'd climb aroudn more but it was hot
id: 33414
Moments after I put the camera down, the owl completely freaked out
id: 33415
It's safari time!
id: 33416
Our guide was great. Very funny and knowledgable
id: 33417
id: 33418
Some animals we might see
id: 33419
Here we go!
id: 33420
White bird!
id: 33421
id: 33422
Hippos under water
id: 33423
id: 33424
"They look like baked potatoes"
id: 33425
He's watching me
id: 33426
This vulture was just hanging out like this
id: 33427
Alligators lounging around
id: 33428
id: 33429
Savannah animals
id: 33430
Too lazy to stand and eat?
id: 33431
Little fast looking animals
id: 33432
Maybe a gazelle? Who knows
id: 33433
Some termite mounds
id: 33434
Big horns
id: 33435
id: 33436
The giraffes were really cool
id: 33437
I like this closeup of him eating
id: 33438
Love the pattern
id: 33439
This Sigma lens really came in handy on the safari
id: 33440
id: 33441
These elephants were goofing off in the water
id: 33442
Baby elephant drying off
id: 33443
Trunk fight!
id: 33444
Flamingos hanging out
id: 33445
I hear they're pink from the shrimp they eat.. or something
id: 33446
This is what our truck looked like
id: 33447
More rhinos
id: 33448
The lion was also sleepy
id: 33449
Female ostriches
id: 33450
I don't like the way the ostriches hold their head
id: 33451
That's better
id: 33452
The guide says this guy can go his whole life without drinking water. He gets it out of his food
id: 33453
When Steve saw this picture he said "you should've stuck a french fry in his mouth"
id: 33454
Back on the tram
id: 33455
Looking back at the lady on the PA
id: 33456
Epcot! It's the big golfball, aka Spaceship Earth
id: 33457
Disney is funny because even mundane things have whimsical labels like this
id: 33458
James ruins another perfectly good picture
id: 33459
Showing off his Disney employee ID
id: 33460
Monorail black!
id: 33461
Monorail teal? If I get that wrong I'll be hearing from James..
id: 33462
Buzz Lightyear!
id: 33463
Planty Woody
id: 33464
Can you find the pentagon?
id: 33465
Monorail gold passes behind the Woody topiary
id: 33466
Toy ball
id: 33467
I love the patterns
id: 33468
Me standing underneat Spaceship Earth
id: 33469
Dynamic angle!
id: 33470
Time to get on Spaceship Earth
id: 33471
Closeup of the triangles
id: 33472
Weird robots
id: 33473
They were sort of creepy
id: 33474
Working on dials..
id: 33475
The moon landing!
id: 33476
This guy was really creepy
id: 33477
James thought this lady was funny
id: 33478
Steve Wozniak!
id: 33479
A crazy picture of the LED room
id: 33480
Mission: SPACE, the ride I was most looking forward to
id: 33481
Nice helmet
id: 33482
Of course, I had to try one on too
id: 33483
Inside the line for MIssion: SPACE
id: 33484
They had a big 2001-esque wheel
id: 33485
This was apparently the employee break room because they were hanging out on the other side of this panel
id: 33486
Pre-flight briefing
id: 33487
Are you ready to go to Mars?
id: 33488
The view from on the ride. The G-forces were intense!
id: 33489
On to Test Track
id: 33490
Creepy crash test dummy parts were everywhere
id: 33491
This couple looked like they were having the time of their lives
id: 33492
The rear of the ride vehicle
id: 33493
These weird shapes were supposed to allow us to speak quietly but still hear each other. Didn't really work..
id: 33494
Free Segway rides? Hell yeah!
id: 33495
I'm on a Segway! It's harder than it looks
id: 33496
James tried one too
id: 33497
id: 33498
What's your problem?
id: 33499
Apparently you can pay to SCUBA dive with the fish
id: 33500
The Tron monorail
id: 33501
id: 33502
Sunset over the monorail
id: 33503
Looking back on Spaceship Earth
id: 33504
Sweet flowers
id: 33505
The Japanese pavilion. I never ended up going since it was far away and we didn't have much time before the fireworks
id: 33506
James checks out the sunset
id: 33507
Monorail with Spaceship Earth
id: 33508
This lady was trying to feed the squirrel
id: 33509
Is it firework time yet?
id: 33510
Looking out where the fireworks will be
id: 33511
Big fires lit up the area
id: 33512
The firework show begins!
id: 33513
The giant lightup earth
id: 33514
Lasers and fireworks!
id: 33515
id: 33516
id: 33517
Bright lights!
id: 33518
Firing rockets towards the center
id: 33519
Even without the inferno barge, the show was spectacular!
id: 33520
Colorful fountains
id: 33521
Spaceship Earth looks great at night
id: 33522
Closeup of the colors and patterns
id: 33523
One last look at Disney!
id: 33524
I noticed this place in the airport on the way back, too bad it wasn't open!
id: 33525
And of course, the Kennedy Space Center gift shop! Great trip!
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