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05/23/11 - Synacor welcomes the new interns with lunch at Pearl Street!

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id: 33526
We got a huge table
id: 33527
What are you going to order?
id: 33528
"You always end up taking a picture of me making a face like--" *CLICK* "--damn it!"
id: 33529
id: 33530
id: 33531
Veena stole my camera to play with it
id: 33532
Gotta use the wide angle for shots like these
id: 33533
Clearly having a fun time
id: 33534
Phil seems offput by something..
id: 33535
What am I talking about?
id: 33536
Yaay, STS-134 hat
id: 33537
Wide angle adapter!
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