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05/27/11 - I go to a "Drinking Skeptically" meetup with Shawn

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id: 33542
Expecting a big turnout!
id: 33543
So far it's just these two
id: 33544
Also this guy
id: 33545
Shawn listens to the conversation
id: 33546
I call this guy "Mr. Rogers"
id: 33547
It wouldn't be "drinking" skeptically without drinking!
id: 33548
I opted for a gin and tonic over beer
id: 33549
Just in case it wasn't clear what group this was..
id: 33550
Shawn's beer has a cherry in it!
id: 33551
Shawn with some girl from the group
id: 33552
Telling some story
id: 33553
I guess this girl is sort of famous online. "SkeptChick"
id: 33554
Extra pizza!
id: 33555
The bald guy was sort of creepy
id: 33556
Lots of people showed up in the end, way later than expected
id: 33557
That is a lot of beer
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