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05/29/11 - Steve bought a house! Housewarming party!

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id: 33558
Phil's got some cool shades on
id: 33559
Megan apparently isn't a fan of Phil's shades?
id: 33560
Steve's Grandma
id: 33561
Steve's Dad
id: 33562
Steve's Mom! We've got Steve's entire family here in these few pictures
id: 33563
Phil on the railing
id: 33564
I don't remember this guy's name
id: 33565
Steve caught me taking his picture
id: 33566
The infamous red cup
id: 33567
Steve and Megan
id: 33568
id: 33569
Steve's ready for some Kan Jam
id: 33570
Kan Jam
id: 33571
Steve was having a good time
id: 33572
Steve's Dad almost got his head taken off by a frisbee. Phil thought it was pretty funny
id: 33573
I brought bubbles. Everyone thought it was silly at first, but in the end it was awesome
id: 33574
id: 33575
Phil spins the frisbee around
id: 33576
id: 33577
Someone brought this really cool dog
id: 33578
Judging by its ears, its mother was a bat
id: 33579
Smiley Shawn
id: 33580
Frisbee coming at the camera!
id: 33581
Football Shawn!
id: 33582
We kept trying to get the football in focus in midair. This is pretty close!
id: 33583
Drinking and throwing
id: 33584
What's with Shawn's finger?
id: 33585
Slap it!
id: 33586
Get it in!
id: 33587
Nice throw
id: 33588
I'm not sure what this face is all about
id: 33589
The photo of the evening
id: 33590
Dustin's got an awesome t-shirt
id: 33591
Hanging out on Steve's sweet porch
id: 33592
id: 33593
Phil and Dustin
id: 33594
What's this pose all about?
id: 33595
Mmm, strawberries
id: 33596
Dustin's got a beer
id: 33597
Shawn listening to a story
id: 33598
When we went out for beer, I printed this picture that I had taken earlier. Steve put it on his window
id: 33599
I also bought Shawn a toy car that looked sort of like his car
id: 33600
So much meat!
id: 33601
Manning the grill
id: 33602
This baby was giving me the stinkeye.. as babies are wont to do
id: 33603
id: 33604
Steve's Dad explains a story to Shawn in front of the wall of booze
id: 33605
Alcohol infused whipped cream!!
id: 33606
Considerably intoxicated Kan Jam!
id: 33607
Catch it, Steve!
id: 33608
Foof chair time!
id: 33609
These pictures will come back to haunt Steve some day
id: 33610
Who's that girl who appeared on the foof chair?
id: 33611
Fire Phil?
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