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06/08/11 - I attend Barcamp Buffalo, a meeting of local techies for cool talks

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id: 33626
Canz arrives via the roof like all the cool people
id: 33627
Shawn up in the Makerspace
id: 33628
This guy was working on a wireless payphone
id: 33629
What I'd expect from a building full of nerds
id: 33630
Some awkwardly large mannequins
id: 33631
Ooo, oscilloscope
id: 33632
Looking out the window
id: 33633
I like the additional note on this one..
id: 33634
Giant D20!
id: 33635
id: 33636
Beer was provided
id: 33637
There were some neat pictures to be had from the roof
id: 33638
Jesse couldn't figure out how to get wher we were
id: 33639
Bricks and a door
id: 33640
I finally got a somewhat reasonable picture of Anthony! The next picture was him flipping me off
id: 33641
This guy did a presentation on doing interesting presentations
id: 33642
Impressive dedication!
id: 33643
Shawn did a presentation on how developers can stop sucking at their jobs
id: 33644
Great presentation!
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