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07/04/11 - Visiting with my old coworkers at Baldwin!

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id: 33902
Carol's no longer working at Baldwin! I visited her at her home
id: 33903
Carol's cat Penny
id: 33904
Penny was pretty wary of me.. with good reason. I kept trying to catch her
id: 33905
This is what Carol thinks about me taking her picture
id: 33906
Penny relaxes on her cat structure
id: 33907
Penny poses on the stairs
id: 33908
Rocko in his cage
id: 33909
Dave and I went bar hopping in Bryn Mawr
id: 33910
id: 33911
Davina kept trying to hide from my camera. Stop being difficult!
id: 33912
Jerry knows to just give up
id: 33913
A sneaky shot of Davina
id: 33914
Official Vehicle, Official Dave
id: 33915
Drink at a bar
id: 33916
The bartender explained the game of Clackers (Klackers?) to some other bar denizens
id: 33917
the bartender
id: 33918
One more round!
id: 33919
Dave stirs his drink
id: 33920
id: 33921
This game was fun once I got the hang of it
id: 33922
Playing with Rocko
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