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07/11/11 - Synacor booze cruise with unexpected L lenses!

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id: 33923
IT guy! I forget his name
id: 33924
Tom Embt!
id: 33925
The controls to the Miss Buffalo
id: 33926
USS Littlerock
id: 33927
Ben's got a drink
id: 33928
id: 33929
Chilling on the lower deck
id: 33930
The first picture I took with an L lens! It turns out Tom has some serious photographic hardware and let me play with it
id: 33931
The Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM
id: 33932
Tom takes a shot with his 70-200mm
id: 33933
Lens hood!
id: 33934
Eric and.. Eric!
id: 33935
That's a lot of birds
id: 33936
id: 33937
Mike considers his meal
id: 33938
This closeup of Topaz is sort of weird, but I like it
id: 33939
A super closeup of Adam with Tom's 100mm L lens
id: 33940
Macro mode on my meal
id: 33941
A nice shot of Veena taken with Tom's 70-200mm f/4L
id: 33942
Veena with the bridge
id: 33943
Water around around the bridge support
id: 33944
id: 33945
I forget this guy's name
id: 33946
id: 33947
I don't know this guy's name either
id: 33948
John points out the Coast Guard ship
id: 33949
There it is!
id: 33950
Big sphere?
id: 33951
The Peace Bridge
id: 33952
This guy seems really intense
id: 33953
id: 33954
Driving the Miss Buffalo under the very low bridge
id: 33955
You can't really tell here, but we had no more than 18 inches of clearance
id: 33956
Eric looks off the front of the ship
id: 33957
Bird landing
id: 33958
Tom tries out a wider lens
id: 33959
Fisherman dude!
id: 33960
Get any bites?
id: 33961
Bike people
id: 33962
I've never gone through a lock before!
id: 33963
At this point we were close enough that bike girl noticed me
id: 33964
Coming up to the lock
id: 33965
Another guy fishing
id: 33966
id: 33967
I'm a big fan of the feather detail
id: 33968
This guy worked on the lock
id: 33969
Birds on some tower
id: 33970
id: 33971
I should probably learn more of my coworkers' names..
id: 33972
Tom with his 50d
id: 33973
I love those petal lens hoods
id: 33974
Fellow foosball champ Mike! Spiffy glasses
id: 33975
A creepy closeup of Darin's eyeball. I realized later that I actually focused on my own reflection
id: 33976
What's with that face, Eric?
id: 33977
id: 33978
A thumbs up from John
id: 33979
More people fishing!
id: 33980
Darin with a big movable bridge behind him
id: 33981
The movable bridge
id: 33982
id: 33983
Topaz hanging with some other Synacorians
id: 33984
Veena wanted me to take some pictures of some water dripping out of a cup
id: 33985
Adam's moving on from Synacor next week. Good luck with your freelancing!
id: 33986
Ben kept asking if I was drunk yet..
id: 33987
Tom and Jen Embt!
id: 33988
Veena caught me taking her picture
id: 33989
Kids checking out our boat
id: 33990
Lots of trucks waiting to get into the country
id: 33991
Taking a walk by the water
id: 33992
I love this picture. "Do work", "Danger: Keep Off" and "Buffalo's Finest" all apply. I call it "Buffalo's Finest"
id: 33993
Tim and Adam checking out the scenary
id: 33994
The Peace Bridge
id: 33995
What the hell is this guy trucking?
id: 33996
Veena telling a story to John
id: 33997
id: 33998
Mike hanging out at the HR girls' table. Sarah tried hiding
id: 33999
When people hide from my camera, it just makes me try harder, haha
id: 34000
Lots of sailbots
id: 34001
I think this is Melissa.. goddamn, I need to learn some names
id: 34002
id: 34003
Sarah made a face and apparently thought I wouldn't put it online.. surprise!
id: 34004
Veena forgot today was the boat day and didn't bring her nifty Nikon. iPhone pics it is!
id: 34005
Taking a picture of the USS Littlerock
id: 34006
Veena had fun
id: 34007
The grain elevator I drive by every day
id: 34008
The Spirit of Buffalo!
id: 34009
Hey, how do I get on that boat?
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