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07/14/11 - The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile showed up at Synacor! But didn't bring hotdogs!

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id: 34019
"Whatcha got there, a camera?"
id: 34020
I like this picture of Shawn a lot. It shows him in full "hacker" mode
id: 34021
John has a salad!
id: 34022
Tilted Beager
id: 34023
id: 34024
It's the Wienermobile!
id: 34025
What is it doing here?
id: 34026
id: 34027
The Wienermobile at Synacor
id: 34028
My weird car has a first time, it's o-s-c-a-r
id: 34029
Ken says "can you believe this shit?"
id: 34030
All this excitement is making Topaz's ear itchy
id: 34031
id: 34032
id: 34033
So colorful
id: 34034
It's so bizarre
id: 34035
Is this man from the future? He claims it's his personal vehicle and he's just here for canoeing
id: 34036
id: 34037
This is an unauthorized photo! Beager took it
id: 34038
More people taking pictures of the Winermobile
id: 34039
Whoa. How weird is this? Wienermobile and a helicopter!
id: 34040
By the time I got downstairs, the helicopter had flown away
id: 34041
My camera looks enormous with my new battery grip!
id: 34042
Stuck in traffic
id: 34043
This time Shawn's actually writing code, not just listing files
id: 34044
These buttons are useless!
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