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07/15/11 - My car started leaking gas! Time to get it towed to the mechanic

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id: 34045
What is this puddle under my car?
id: 34046
Ahhh! It's gas!
id: 34047
Loading my car on the tow truck
id: 34048
Lining it up..
id: 34049
id: 34050
Make sure it's hooked on properly!
id: 34051
Levers! ..again
id: 34052
And up it goes
id: 34053
Don't let it fall backwards!
id: 34054
Safely on the truck
id: 34055
Tow truck man walks around making sure
id: 34056
Tightening chains
id: 34057
Bright green truck
id: 34058
What the hell is with the baby head on this cop's bumper?
id: 34059
Driving to the mechanic
id: 34060
This billboard makes me laugh
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