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07/16/11 - I bring my camera along as I walk to the mechanic to pick up my car

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id: 34061
id: 34062
I liked how you could see through all these plates
id: 34063
The electric monster reminded me of Haunter
id: 34064
Little yellow flowers
id: 34065
id: 34066
id: 34067
Purple spikey thing
id: 34068
Lots of little tiny petals
id: 34069
Orange blossom
id: 34070
Lots of orange flowers
id: 34071
I like the central part of the flower reaching out
id: 34072
Flower closeup
id: 34073
White flowers
id: 34074
Purple and white
id: 34075
Closeup of the white flowers
id: 34076
Wet flowers
id: 34077
The sheen of the water almost makes them look fake
id: 34078
So vibrant!
id: 34079
Standing up above the rest
id: 34080
id: 34081
id: 34082
All these photos were found on a seemingly boring street!
id: 34083
Purple rods
id: 34084
Deep purple
id: 34085
What a weird truck
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