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07/22/11 - Taco Truck, working, and awards at Synacor

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id: 34086
Shawn likes to slide down the railings
id: 34087
Steve places his order at the famous taco truck
id: 34088
Chris loves tacos
id: 34089
Matt reviews the choices
id: 34090
Anthony tries so hard to not get his picture taken, but that just makes me want to take his picture more
id: 34091
I"m not sure what it is about this picture, but I like it
id: 34092
Steve chooses his sauce
id: 34093
Steve claims these are tacos
id: 34094
Spiffy shoes, Shawn
id: 34095
Burrito.. or football?
id: 34096
Tacos make Steve sad
id: 34097
Anthony's hair does weird things as he dodges the camera
id: 34098
Matt gives me a stinkeye as he eats his burrito
id: 34099
id: 34100
Shawn reviews some code
id: 34101
Topaz hard at work
id: 34102
This was a staged photo for a corporate video. I bet Shawn can't even remember the last time he actually looked at the Suddenlink portal
id: 34103
Time for Tiny Wings!
id: 34104
They still can't unseat me from the #1 slot on the high score list
id: 34105
A test shot of some awards
id: 34106
This was the easiest to photograph
id: 34107
Various awards
id: 34108
It still didn't come out great, but it was the best I could do given the circumstances
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