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07/26/11 - I rented an L lens for Otakon! Time to test it out around the office

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id: 34114
"Not sure if giant lens, or cannon.."
id: 34115
Veena took my picture!`
id: 34116
"That lens is ridiculous!"
id: 34117
Jeff closeup
id: 34118
"Time for foos!"
id: 34119
Jeff and Mike versus..
id: 34120
Darin and Ken
id: 34121
It's foosin' time!
id: 34122
Such concentration
id: 34123
Darin is a force to be reckoned with on offense
id: 34124
Mike on defense?? Madness!
id: 34125
Mike's picture was put up on the foos wall in honor of his championship victory
id: 34126
Is this distracting you?
id: 34127
Matt coaches from the side
id: 34128
id: 34129
Now I'm distracting Uday and Copeland
id: 34130
id: 34131
id: 34132
Uday's model face
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