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07/26/11 - I take my rented L lens to the shore for pictures of windsurfers and buildings

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id: 34133
A windy day, but a nice day
id: 34134
Good ol' Cargill Pool elevator
id: 34135
id: 34136
Shawn pointed out that the reflection is so bright it almost looks like they're windsurfing on sand
id: 34137
This tree is constantly being blown back
id: 34138
I guess it's a little too windy to keep surfing
id: 34139
Windsurfers and an elevators
id: 34140
This dog was rolling around
id: 34141
Aaand one more shot of the Cargill Pool elevator
id: 34142
Whatever they're building here is coming along
id: 34143
id: 34144
Time for a haircut..
id: 34145
Buzz sits where he wants and doesn't afraid of anyone
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