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07/27/11 - I finally pony up the ten bucks to explore the inside of the battleships near Synacor

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id: 34146
I see these battleships every day on the way to work, and I still haven't been on them!
id: 34147
It's time to change that
id: 34148
The USS Little Rock!
id: 34149
Pearl Harbor memorial
id: 34150
Memorial to Poland's contributions in WWII
id: 34151
Lots of radar gear
id: 34152
This picture isn't great, but I liked how the 537 was framed by the trees
id: 34153
Korean War memorial
id: 34154
A flower near the memorials
id: 34155
id: 34156
id: 34157
Looking up at some fighter jet
id: 34158
The gift shop!
id: 34159
Tilt-shift photography?
id: 34160
Nah, just a model
id: 34161
Captain Jetpack?
id: 34162
id: 34163
Weird mannequin
id: 34164
Pulsating light
id: 34165
A WWII era Japanese map. The katakana reads "A-ME-RI-KA"
id: 34166
That guy looks a little chunky to be in the army
id: 34167
I'm not sure how this works..
id: 34168
Various bullets
id: 34169
And old school ship wheel
id: 34170
I want this in my car
id: 34171
id: 34172
Model airplane
id: 34173
A model Corsair
id: 34174
"Shrine" makes it sound sort of creepy
id: 34175
Another model
id: 34176
More models!
id: 34177
I like how they apparently had a problem with people climbing on this guy
id: 34178
A huey!
id: 34179
The soldiers used these for scenic tours of the Boston area
id: 34180
That is a big fun
id: 34181
Closeup on some tank treads
id: 34182
On this tank!
id: 34183
Alright, let's get this thing started
id: 34184
I'm supposed to follow the yellow line
id: 34185
There were lots of weird little cramped compartments
id: 34186
Somehow this controls.. something
id: 34187
id: 34188
The red tape on some of these items is suspicious
id: 34189
"We need more yellow!"
id: 34190
Big shells
id: 34191
I guess this is how they load the gun
id: 34192
I bet these are really heavy
id: 34193
I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of these guys
id: 34194
I like to imagine this is actually a clock, indicating the year
id: 34195
Looking ahead in the tour
id: 34196
I want them to fire that little plug out
id: 34197
Wow, lots of destroyers lost
id: 34198
A tracking board
id: 34199
DJ mannequin?
id: 34200
I thought this might make a cool wallpaper
id: 34201
Funny slogan
id: 34202
The stairs were so steep they were basically ladders
id: 34203
That's one hell of a computer
id: 34204
And an enormous compass!
id: 34205
This was actually one of the more fancy accomodations
id: 34206
This is less fancy
id: 34207
And even less fancy. But at least it's not in the bowels of the ship like some other ones I saw
id: 34208
The bulkhead doors are cool but I feel like I'd trip on them all the time if I were actually on this ship for a long time
id: 34209
id: 34210
Gotta buy some smokes!
id: 34211
Another vantage point of the fighter jet and other stuff down on the ground
id: 34212
Looking towards the front of the ship
id: 34213
A compass?
id: 34214
It's like that gun from Star Wars!
id: 34215
Big gun
id: 34216
Big missile!
id: 34217
I think this might be an F-14
id: 34218
id: 34219
Dials AND wheels
id: 34220
More beds
id: 34221
Looking along the barrel of some of the big guns
id: 34222
Looking back at the other ship
id: 34223
id: 34224
I think this is some sort of missile loading rail
id: 34225
Looking down the rail
id: 34226
Missile? Torpedo? Something..
id: 34227
Snoopy says go left
id: 34228
Hey, there's that big blue missile!
id: 34229
Moodance Cat isn't as cool as Nyan Cat
id: 34230
More models
id: 34231
The wings fold so they could fit more on the ship
id: 34232
Lots of model airplanes around here
id: 34233
This, of course, is a period HDTV
id: 34234
Looking down the hallways
id: 34235
Spiffy uniforms
id: 34236
Hey, I recognize some of these guns
id: 34237
I used that .45 in Metal Gear Solid!
id: 34238
id: 34239
id: 34240
The red phone?
id: 34241
Hey, it's Synacor!
id: 34242
Radar gear
id: 34243
The path got a little tight in some places
id: 34244
Heading over to the submarine
id: 34245
This soda has been here since WWII. No not really.
id: 34246
Lots of rope
id: 34247
At the bow of the ship!
id: 34248
Looking back on the ships
id: 34249
Let's touch all the things!
id: 34250
I think these are torpedo tubes
id: 34251
I totally hit my head AND my shin on this stupid door
id: 34252
More dials!
id: 34253
I have no idea what these are
id: 34254
This seems like a lot of empty space for a sub. Maybe it's the kitchen
id: 34255
That is a big engine
id: 34256
The sub was even more cramped than the ships!
id: 34257
Bullet Bill?
id: 34258
I'd say these are torpedo tubes, but they're in the back! Can you shoot them out the back?
id: 34259
One last shot from the USS Croaker
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