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07/27/11 - I found a carnival setting up so I headed down to get some pictures

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id: 34260
id: 34261
I really want to ride the slide
id: 34262
Bungee thing!
id: 34263
Creepy horses
id: 34264
No tickets for sale yet
id: 34265
I hate the round up
id: 34266
Bumper cars!
id: 34267
This looks like the High Flyer
id: 34268
Long way up!
id: 34269
This looks like it spins too fast
id: 34270
Scooter! Are you readdyyyy?
id: 34271
Raising the rigged basketball hoops
id: 34272
This ride looks boring
id: 34273
id: 34274
Boats in the lake
id: 34275
These guys were putting up a tent
id: 34276
Lots of sailboats!
id: 34277
Stupid wall ruining my view..
id: 34278
The wind turbines are so photogenic
id: 34279
id: 34280
I hate the strawberry ride. Too much spinning
id: 34281
Fire boat!
id: 34282
Looking along the coast of Lake Erie
id: 34283
Looking back on the carnival from the shore
id: 34284
Enjoying the view
id: 34285
The fire boat was spraying water everywhere
id: 34286
It sure makes a pretty picture
id: 34287
I wasn't the only one taking pictures
id: 34288
For the longest time I thought funnel cakes were actually shaped like funnels
id: 34289
The fire boat in the distance
id: 34290
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