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07/28/11 - Synacor signed a big client! Time for a celebratory brunch!

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id: 34291
Steve loves brunch
id: 34292
Synacor party!
id: 34293
Shawn checks his pastry for Twitter updates
id: 34294
What's that face, Uday?
id: 34295
id: 34296
id: 34297
Ron Frankel, our CEO
id: 34298
id: 34299
id: 34300
Time to thank the people that helped make this possible.. with novelty gifts!
id: 34301
Anthony got some fancy water
id: 34302
And a toe ring to go with his toe shoes
id: 34303
A top?
id: 34304
id: 34305
PC attorney!
id: 34306
Funny jokes
id: 34307
Everyone standing around
id: 34308
id: 34309
Mr. Wonderful?
id: 34310
I guess this is Mr. Wonderful
id: 34311
A book of metaphors so we don't hear gems like "Between a rock and a hotplate" anymore
id: 34312
Read the whole thing!
id: 34313
A riding crop?
id: 34314
Well, that's it for the gifts
id: 34315
George Chamoun, the founder of Synacor
id: 34316
Listening to speeches!
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