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07/28/11 - It's Megabus time again as I head to Otakon 2011!

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Explaining the rules of the bus
id: 34319
There wasn't much to do at the rest stop other than wander around and take some pictures
id: 34320
These are some big seven segment displays
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id: 34322
Lots of switches and dials to operate the bus
id: 34323
Amish people!
id: 34324
Oops, the woman pumping gas spotted me
id: 34325
Maurice, our driver!
id: 34326
That is a big on/off switch
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id: 34328
id: 34329
I am so bored
id: 34330
"Is that guy taking our picture?"
id: 34331
What is this thing?
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id: 34333
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