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08/09/11 - Synacor's picnic gets rained out at Darien Lake!

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id: 34631
I like how you can still see the Six Flags mark on the trash barrels
id: 34632
Want to get a drink? It's worth getting a little wet, isn't it?
id: 34633
We showed up a little early.. before most people
id: 34634
Fun in the sun!
id: 34635
The more adventurous amongst decided to ride in the rain
id: 34636
More people eventually showed up
id: 34637
Darien Lake folks cooking up a giant pile of burgers for us
id: 34638
Someday I will ride the giant funnel water slide
id: 34639
Superman: Ride of Steel hits the flat helix segment
id: 34640
Apparently the people in the front row weren't having a fun time
id: 34641
It was raining pretty hard
id: 34642
I ilke this picture of David (Xanoc) just because it looks so damn sketchy
id: 34643
Over the edge!
id: 34644
I love the rain blasting off the tracks
id: 34645
Here we goooo
id: 34646
The guy in the Superman t-shirt was really into this ride
id: 34647
Hey, it's Kurt!
id: 34648
And down he goes!
id: 34649
Not sure what Nate is doing there..
id: 34650
Kurt's freaking out!
id: 34651
A wider shot of Superman
id: 34652
Well, I didn't get a ton of pictures, but it was a fun time anyway
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