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09/05/11 - Bryce's bachelor party! BachelorCON!

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id: 34668
Alicia wants no part in the nonsense we'll be up to this weekend
id: 34669
We picked up Alan and Jefferson on the way to Avalon
id: 34670
Van tetris
id: 34671
Colin with his signature headband
id: 34672
Alan explains.. something
id: 34673
Jefferson looks bored
id: 34674
Bachelor boy Bryce even moreso
id: 34675
I always get one weirdo picture of Albert. Here's this event's!
id: 34676
Colin was in charge of making food all weekend
id: 34677
He brought a giant bag of chicken
id: 34678
Alan took way more photos than I did this weekend
id: 34679
My favorite picture of the weekend. Make it rain! ... pizza money.
id: 34680
Alan and I both came at Colin with our cameras, illiciting this response
id: 34681
A better Colin picture
id: 34682
Vic was in charge of the punch again
id: 34683
Mixing it in a cooler. Classy
id: 34684
That's not water. It's allll booze.
id: 34685
I love Vic's tip cup
id: 34686
Berry Punch loves some wine! And roman cosplaying, apparently
id: 34687
This is what most of the weekend consisted of.. sitting around and games!
id: 34688
Mckeed and Albert!
id: 34689
Jefferson loves games
id: 34690
Jeff plays something on the Xbox. Probably Soul Calibre
id: 34691
Mike photobombs yet another photo
id: 34692
Colin and Mckeed get ready for some Kinect track and field
id: 34693
Run run run run run!
id: 34694
It was pretty hilarious
id: 34695
Bryce says "proceed"
id: 34696
Jeff, Mike, and Albert played the Pokemon board game we found. It took them like four hours to finish!!
id: 34697
I'm glad I didn't get involved
id: 34698
Meanwhile, the rest of us watched ridiculous Japanese movies followed by Kenan and Kel
id: 34699
Jeff loves Kenan and Kel
id: 34700
id: 34701
A non-photobombing Mike!
id: 34702
Alan juggles a camera?
id: 34703
Colin on food duty again
id: 34704
In lieu of a crockpot (which we forgot) he did a great job on the grill!
id: 34705
Pork! Later pulled/shredded!
id: 34706
Tony with the creepy-ass Pee Wee Herman doll. I hated it. Tony loved tormenting me with it
id: 34707
And let's not forget Brett! Good times were had by all
id: 34708
For like two hours on the way home, Colin had to stare at this stupid "I love my Yorkie" bumper sticker. He was ready to kill all yorkies
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