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09/09/11 - I rent a Canon EF 100-400mm monster telephotos lens for an air show. Time to try it out!

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id: 34709
Wow, I can look right into HSBC tower from the Synacor parking lot!
id: 34710
Good ol' Cargill Pool Grain Elevator
id: 34711
What are those strange haphazard chutes sticking out of it?
id: 34712
Boat and a skidoo in the distance
id: 34713
Closer to the wind turbines than ever!
id: 34714
This guy suddenly dove into the water while I was taking his picture
id: 34715
Rocks on the shore
id: 34716
Seagull! Or is it a lakegull?
id: 34717
id: 34718
Passing planes fill the entire frame!
id: 34719
I'd love to go up those stairs on the right.. if I didn't think I'd fall through the floor
id: 34720
It almost looks like Russian
id: 34721
Weird structure along the top
id: 34722
Seagull comes in for a landing
id: 34723
id: 34724
I love how there is grass growing on the roof
id: 34725
Such a photogenic building
id: 34726
Another Cargill building rotting in the distance
id: 34727
Passing geese!
id: 34728
I took this picture from over 20 feet away. This lens is insane!
id: 34729
the top of the Cargill Pool Grain Elevator peeking over the top of the Tiff nature preserve
id: 34730
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