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09/10/11 - I head to the Thunder over Niagara air show with a monster telephoto lens!

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id: 34731
The B-1 bomber!
id: 34732
It's going so fast it's building up condensation around the wings!
id: 34733
And away it goes
id: 34734
A couple of C-130s did flybys
id: 34735
It was a pretty steep bank considering how low to the ground it was!
id: 34736
id: 34737
An authentic space shuttle tile!
id: 34738
An inauthentic space shuttle!
id: 34739
The stunt plane pilots were out of their minds
id: 34740
Putt putt putt
id: 34741
Going straight up into a stall
id: 34742
Flying straight towards the ground like a crazy person!
id: 34743
Another view of the funny inflatable space shuttle
id: 34744
This guy had pieces falling off his airplane, and then threw a roll of toilet paper out the window. Then turned around and flew through it!
id: 34745
A MiG-17! The announcer said it's very rare to see one in action
id: 34746
These were a big threat to American pilots during the Vietnam War
id: 34747
The MiG flies by in a steep bank
id: 34748
I love seeing the flames coming out the back
id: 34749
The glider was graceful and silent
id: 34750
It traced out lots of long swooping lines in the sky
id: 34751
Passing directly overhead
id: 34752
Heading up for another pass
id: 34753
I love how you can see the smoke going turbulent
id: 34754
Coming in for a landing!
id: 34755
Another stunt plane takes the skies
id: 34756
Upside down!
id: 34757
This lens is so much fun. You can see the pilot!
id: 34758
Heading down for another low pass
id: 34759
The smoke trail makes a huge difference
id: 34760
Spinning out of the control! Well, mostly.
id: 34761
One more pass
id: 34762
I wasn't the only one with a camera trained on the sky
id: 34763
Among the static displayers was this enormous Navy helicopter
id: 34764
This guy again!
id: 34765
An F-18 hornet revs up for takeoff
id: 34766
These planes may be small compared to a 747, but when you see the pilots up front, it reminds you of how massive they really are!
id: 34767
Picking up altitude quickly
id: 34768
Condenstation forms around the vehicle as it stresses the air around it
id: 34769
Another great condensation shot
id: 34770
Just look at the water vapor streaming off of this plane!
id: 34771
An inverted pass
id: 34772
Topaz, ever the engineer, fashioned a sunshield
id: 34773
Passing ina steep bank
id: 34774
This photos is a little sloppy, but I like the lens flare, and love the mach cone forming around the F-18
id: 34775
So fast! I'm glad I brought ear plugs!
id: 34776
The guy with the crazy yellow stunt plane is back!
id: 34777
This time he brought smoke
id: 34778
I didn't get any pictures of it, but he had other colors of smoke as well
id: 34779
Attempting to land on the back of a modified truck
id: 34780
He nailed it on this second pass. Only eight inches of clearance on each side!
id: 34781
The B-2 "stealth" bomber. I feel like this photo makes up for the poor quality of the last time I saw it, in Dayton!
id: 34782
A magnificient vehicle
id: 34783
It's a shame it costs almost as much as a space shuttle to build
id: 34784
Coming around for another pass
id: 34785
Such a slim profile
id: 34786
I wish it had done a few more passes. It was amazing to see
id: 34787
The Thunderbirds prepare for their show
id: 34788
Getting into the cockpits
id: 34789
Helmets on, cockpits closed
id: 34790
If it wasn't for those damn lights, I'd really like this shot. Maybe I'll photoshop them out..
id: 34791
Thunderbird 1 heads down the runway
id: 34792
Hi there!
id: 34793
A powerhouse!
id: 34794
Thunderbird 1 moving down the runway
id: 34795
More Thunderbirds
id: 34796
All the Thunderbirds!
id: 34797
The main four diamond take off in the delta formation
id: 34798
One of the solo planes takes off. This isn't in super crisp focus, but I love how you can clearly see the exhaust
id: 34799
Passing by, perpendicular to the ground!
id: 34800
The delta formation passes by
id: 34801
Taking off into the clouds
id: 34802
I love the trails coming off the wingtips!
id: 34803
I'm not sure what it is about this photo that I like, but I really like it
id: 34804
Banking in unicon
id: 34805
The precision is incredible
id: 34806
Roaring by for another deafening pass
id: 34807
The two solo planes play a 500+ mph game of chicken
id: 34808
A new formation
id: 34809
id: 34810
Probably my favorite shot of the day. Incredible!
id: 34811
Heading down for another low pass
id: 34812
The two solo planse get ready for another stunt
id: 34813
Another near miss!
id: 34814
The delta formation passes by
id: 34815
The slightest error could clip a wing
id: 34816
The death defying near misses were breathtaking
id: 34817
Coming in hot!
id: 34818
The Thunderbirds fly in F-16s
id: 34819
The main four flying in a line
id: 34820
It was tough to keep track of them in the sky because they moved so fast
id: 34821
I like this photo because of the clean background
id: 34822
Performing a "high alpha" pass. It was very slow!
id: 34823
You almost expected the plane to drop out of the sky at any moment
id: 34824
It's not easy to tell in this photo, but the leftmost plane passed through the center of this formation at great speed
id: 34825
It's easy to forget that it takes these guys several miles to turn around for another pass
id: 34826
Now they're flying with five in formation
id: 34827
Passing low clouds
id: 34828
Gotta love the Thunderbird pattern on the underside of the vehicles
id: 34829
Another steep formation bank. You can tell how quickly they're turning by the smoke trails
id: 34830
All six in formation!
id: 34831
Passing by the audience
id: 34832
They were performing crazy stunts like formation rolls
id: 34833
Building up to their big finish
id: 34834
Upside down!
id: 34835
The "Delta Burst" pattern
id: 34836
All six passed right by each other!
id: 34837
Look at all the trails!
id: 34838
Forming up into a group over the course of miles
id: 34839
It was quite the spectacle
id: 34840
Walking into the back of a large cargo vehicle
id: 34841
My Little Pony decals? On an Air Force TC-135? Unfortunately, it was the older generation
id: 34842
Who is this RJ?
id: 34843
Another pony decal!
id: 34844
The Reaper. Predator's big brother
id: 34845
Such a massive plane!
id: 34846
I was tempted to wait in line to get in the cockpit, but after roasting in the sun with that giant lens all day, I was exhausted!
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