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09/18/11 - The Bills win a game!

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id: 34851
Must be game day!
id: 34852
Fleet of busses
id: 34853
id: 34854
Wow, I guess they just shut the whole street down now
id: 34855
The bar was packed
id: 34856
As was the stadium!
id: 34857
This looks safe
id: 34858
Big fake rock!
id: 34859
These guys were watching the jumbotron from the parking lot, waiting for the dramatic conclusion of the game
id: 34860
The Bills won! They scored with only a few seconds on the clock!
id: 34861
This guy was pretty happy
id: 34862
id: 34863
People were throwing torn up program guides as impromptu confetti
id: 34864
I didn't even notice until I was going through the pictures, but the guy on the left has a face on the INSIDE of his shirt, apparently for this very reason!
id: 34865
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