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10/06/11 - The pre-pre-wedding dinner for Topaz and Kate's wedding!

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id: 34901
Waiting around for alterations to Topaz's tux to be made
id: 34902
Jokes are funny
id: 34903
Tom, Kate and.. other people!
id: 34904
Look at all the people
id: 34905
Even Luke was there
id: 34906
Luke is apparently old enough to drink now, though I'm still pretty sure he's like.. 15.
id: 34907
Again with that face!
id: 34908
Topaz got coaxed into biting a lemon, with predictable results
id: 34909
id: 34910
Haha, I forget Topaz's mom's name, but here she is with Kate!
id: 34911
Contemplating the weekend ahead of you?
id: 34912
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