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10/07/11 - Eric and Kate wedding rehearsal!

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id: 34915
Ground zero
id: 34916
People are arriving!
id: 34917
Waiting for everyone to get here
id: 34918
Joel standing around
id: 34919
Ben always makes a weird face at my camera
id: 34920
This church is pretty small compared to the one I had to go to as a kid
id: 34921
id: 34922
The guests of honor
id: 34923
Everyone gathering around
id: 34924
The view from the back
id: 34925
Ben signs the pastor's instructions to Dani
id: 34926
The view from the front!
id: 34927
You ready for this?
id: 34928
Ben waves to Dani at the back of the hall
id: 34929
"What're you guys looking at?"
id: 34930
Eric and Luke!
id: 34931
Eric's Mom and Tom
id: 34932
Camera battle!
id: 34933
Dani tells Ben to relax
id: 34934
Explaining how this is going to work
id: 34935
Poor Ben had to play the bridesmaid
id: 34936
Walking the bridesmaids along was awkward for all involved
id: 34937
id: 34938
Eric's having a good time
id: 34939
Kate and her father
id: 34940
The book!
id: 34941
Everyone's here!
id: 34942
Time for silly faces
id: 34943
Kate looks like she's having a good time too
id: 34944
What's with those faces??
id: 34945
Dani takes a load off
id: 34946
Kate's reactions to the pastor's jokes
id: 34947
Practicing the vows
id: 34948
I'm glad they went with the triple holy
id: 34949
id: 34950
Wasn't that fun?
id: 34951
The legal paperwork!
id: 34952
Chris is giving me the crazy eyes
id: 34953
Hez! In person!
id: 34954
Ben sits in one of the balloon chairs
id: 34955
Fun, and Scotch Ale, were had by all
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