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10/08/11 - Eric and Kate get married!

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id: 34956
Fellow groomsmen Luke, Joel, and Ben waiting around outside the reception building
id: 34957
Joel passes the time with a crossword
id: 34958
The man himself!
id: 34959
Getting a ride to Eric and Kate's house so we can change
id: 34960
Luke is ready to rock
id: 34961
Joel demonstrates how they were able to break into the house earlier
id: 34962
Our schedule was loose enough that we didn't have to rush
id: 34963
Collecting the coins from all of the pirate packs
id: 34964
So many daggers!
id: 34965
Eric didn't seem too nervous
id: 34966
Now that is a todo list I can get behind
id: 34967
Luke changes first
id: 34968
Joel demonstrates that even an activity as ridiculous as Wii looks classy when you're in a tux
id: 34969
Wii time!
id: 34970
Playing a little Boom Blox
id: 34971
Just a traditional pre-wedding Wii session
id: 34972
"Everyone look like you're in a Nintendo ad!"
id: 34973
Eye patches!
id: 34974
Oh no! Eric's got the patch on his good eye!
id: 34975
Joel covers his third eye?
id: 34976
Cool as a cucumber!
id: 34977
What's this face all about?
id: 34978
Hanging out and joking
id: 34979
Joel has been through all this before
id: 34980
I challenged Ben to grab a hanging leaf
id: 34981
Jumping in a tux!
id: 34982
Where is that limo?
id: 34983
These guys don't look so nerdy..
id: 34984
Ahhh, there they go
id: 34985
Haha, look at Eric! "Hey!"
id: 34986
Luke's got those glasses that get darker once you go outside
id: 34987
Ben was having a good time
id: 34988
I knew my parents would want some photos of me in the tux so..
id: 34989
id: 34990
The Wastl brothers!
id: 34991
Luke's going to kick his ass
id: 34992
Inside the Hummer limo!
id: 34993
Even in the Hummer limo it was a pretty tight fit
id: 34994
Not that tight though!
id: 34995
It was pretty funny to be passing tractors in such an absurd vehicle
id: 34996
We never did take advantage of the specialized equipment
id: 34997
Waiting outside the church
id: 34998
The limo!
id: 34999
Bradley's looking pretty spiffy
id: 35000
Eric's Mom helps Ben with his.. flower thing
id: 35001
The bridesmaids arrived!
id: 35002
Cut to after the ceremony! It was perfect!
id: 35003
Carlo was one of the several Synacorians to attend
id: 35004
The pro's second shooter in action
id: 35005
The pro photographer!
id: 35006
Eric was hugging everyone
id: 35007
Hugging Brian!
id: 35008
Shaking hands with Mr. Mirabella...
id: 35009
..except it's hug time!! Anthony will kill me when he sees this
id: 35010
The photogs! Everyone kept joking that they better keep an eye on their gear with me around
id: 35011
Eric and his dad
id: 35012
What are these two goofballs up to?
id: 35013
Extreme Tom closeup!
id: 35014
The bubbles were popular
id: 35015
Dani blows a bubble at the camera.. be careful!
id: 35016
The oh so rare picture of Anthony's face
id: 35017
At any other wedding this would be insane. With this crew..
id: 35018
The bubbles were great
id: 35019
The pro took some great photos!
id: 35020
"Stop taking my picture!" "Stop making it fun!"
id: 35021
My perspective from the group photo
id: 35022
Kate's brother Eric takes a turn with the bubbles
id: 35023
Taking a photo with the pastor
id: 35024
Wow, a genuine film camera!
id: 35025
Eric and Kate with Eric's Mom and stepdad
id: 35026
Ben had a lot of fun with the bubbles
id: 35027
Kate was having a blast
id: 35028
More bubbles!
id: 35029
"Are you having fun?"
id: 35030
Even Tom got in on the fun with the bubbles
id: 35031
Luke and Ben with the bubbles
id: 35032
What is up with this photo?
id: 35033
Bubble firing squad!
id: 35034
They're returning fire!
id: 35035
The whole bridal party
id: 35036
Hey there I am!
id: 35037
Flanking the newlyweds
id: 35038
Wel that's.. something
id: 35039
Lifting Eric!
id: 35040
The groomsmen posed with the bouquets
id: 35041
Say cheese!
id: 35042
Back in the limo!
id: 35043
Luke with the bridesmaid he was paired up with
id: 35044
Going to take more photos
id: 35045
Getting eyepatches out
id: 35046
Quite a view from Kate's aunt and uncle's place
id: 35047
And off they go! With Buffalo in the background
id: 35048
Suz with her bouquet
id: 35049
Dani stands around while we wait
id: 35050
I really like this photo
id: 35051
Apparently seeing Brian with a drink in his hand is crazy! Who knew!
id: 35052
Eric's Mom took photos of us
id: 35053
Looking down the bridal party table
id: 35054
I accidentally started a Conga line by running away from Topaz while he danced at me
id: 35055
Here he comes again!
id: 35056
Since it was an impromptu Conga line, Kate got stuck by herself!
id: 35057
They're like dancing zombies!
id: 35058
Off they go!
id: 35059
Kate tries to catch up
id: 35060
Lasers going everywhere!
id: 35061
Eric does the blind man dance
id: 35062
Luke's got a buddy
id: 35063
Look at that dancing face
id: 35064
Eric dancing the night away
id: 35065
Poor Chris had recent knee surgery and couldn't dance
id: 35066
The newlyweds hit the dance floor
id: 35067
Fake mustache?
id: 35068
Ben takes a turn with Chris' churches
id: 35069
I think this is just a plot to steal our fingerprints
id: 35070
Ben drunkely signed song lyrics to Dani on the fly. Impressive!
id: 35071
Eric dancing with the bridesmaids
id: 35072
Eric's Dad took a turn with Chris' crutch for an impromptu guitar solo
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