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10/09/11 - Eric and Kate marriage brunch!

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id: 35073
Chris always looks so startled
id: 35074
Suz and Joel look over last night's photos
id: 35075
Luke's glasses still haven't transitioned back
id: 35076
id: 35077
This is the strangest wedding gift ever.. a family photo with Steve Jobs photoshopped in
id: 35078
Joel was a fan of the breakfast
id: 35079
As was Suz
id: 35080
The delicious breakfast loaf thing
id: 35081
Kate had a lot of people to talk to
id: 35082
Brian loves breakfast
id: 35083
Camera duel!
id: 35084
Teo laughing at photos
id: 35085
id: 35086
Look out behind you!!
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