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10/22/11 - Steve's Halloween party!

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id: 35091
Phil is Elvis.. or something
id: 35092
Beager dressed up as Peter Griffin
id: 35093
Peter's chin!
id: 35094
Steve chickened out of the Tobias Funke "Never-nude" costume but had a pretty good vampire costume!
id: 35095
Megan is a fox! Get it? Megan.. Fox!
id: 35096
Dustin as Bill Nye! Where's Beakman?
id: 35097
This stupid robot spider startled people all night
id: 35098
Somehow Phil can pull this look off
id: 35099
Oops! I never got a good photo of Beager and his girlfriend!
id: 35100
This wasn't just a photobomb, it was a photo occupation! He wouldn't leave!
id: 35101
I threw together a "meth cook" costume. It's actually candied pineapple in the bag
id: 35102
Shawn tries on Phil's weird mask with his hipster costume
id: 35103
Shawn's prop PBR is very out of date. The horrifying part? In the morning we found it empty. Someone drank three year old PBR!
id: 35104
Shawn's hipster costume
id: 35105
My first ever game of Beer Pong!
id: 35106
Straight out of Rome?
id: 35107
Explaining the rules of Beer Pong
id: 35108
Shawn has no recollection of this photo being taken.. but I do!
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