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10/28/11 - Getting fitted for tuxes with Bryce and the groomsmen, and giving Bryce his iPad!

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id: 35109
So excited!
id: 35110
id: 35111
Colin loves photos!
id: 35112
Looking spiffy!
id: 35113
Colin gets his tie fitted
id: 35114
Brett loves tuxes
id: 35115
Adjusting the vest
id: 35116
Quite a crew! The tailor nailed this photo!
id: 35117
That creepy dude on the wall weirds me out
id: 35118
Brett was having a good time
id: 35119
I forget our tailor's name, but he was great!
id: 35120
Popped collar?
id: 35121
Tony hides in his hoodie
id: 35122
Hey I know that guy
id: 35123
Brett's weird mohawk thing is funny
id: 35124
Camera closeup
id: 35125
Bryce checks his phone while the rest of us get in our tuxes
id: 35126
Ack, troll dolls!
id: 35127
Colin loves samples
id: 35128
Cuff links!
id: 35129
Tony's ready!
id: 35130
Tony's looking classy with that cane/stick we found
id: 35131
Brett gets his vest checked
id: 35132
Looking good!
id: 35133
Uhoh, my turn
id: 35134
I'm clearly comfortable with this
id: 35135
Hey I didn't turn out too bad
id: 35136
Bryce seemed pretty calm, all things considered
id: 35137
Even if he made some weird faces now and then
id: 35138
Chipotle time!
id: 35139
I printed this photo on the photo printer in the photo.
id: 35140
Bryce loved his iPad! He was totally surprised
id: 35141
He got right into it
id: 35142
The engraving on the back! From me, Brett, and Tony!
id: 35143
Tony only drinks his water out of fancy glasses
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