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10/28/11 - Wedding rehearsal for Bryce and Alicia

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id: 35144
Bryce is ready to do this
id: 35145
Sue, Wes, and... I forget Bryce's aunt's name!
id: 35146
Brett likes jokes
id: 35147
The lobby of The Ben
id: 35148
Looking into the ballroom
id: 35149
The Colin stands alone
id: 35150
The crew standing around
id: 35151
Ground zero
id: 35152
Brett was leaning slowly towards the camera in this, so the blur converges into the middle. I like it
id: 35153
Bryce and his best man!
id: 35154
Hi Tony!
id: 35155
Waiting outside for the practice ceremony
id: 35156
Wes caught me taking his picture
id: 35157
Colin starts thel ong walk
id: 35158
Tony approaching the front of the ballroom
id: 35159
This is presumably to prevent Bryce from escaping
id: 35160
The wedding planner!
id: 35161
Here comes the bride!
id: 35162
This is sort of a goofy face, but I love little candid moments like this
id: 35163
Some kind of other coordinator, I'm not sure what this guy did
id: 35164
And away they go!
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