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10/31/11 - Halloween at Synacor!

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id: 35271
Chris made a pretty convincing zombie
id: 35272
The vikings from those credit card commercials
id: 35273
They kept shouting "What's in your wallet?"
id: 35274
Cosplaying as the portal. Very clever, and such confidence in our product!
id: 35275
This photo is just weird
id: 35276
Skateboarding panda!
id: 35277
And he's got a Synacor bag!
id: 35278
Come to Synacor. This is normal
id: 35279
Power sliiiide
id: 35280
Hey, it's Mike!
id: 35281
This was on Jesse's desk, but this was Steve all day when the little kids came trick or treating
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