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11/13/11 - Rippoween 2011! Back in Worcester at Tony's new apartment!

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id: 35296
Brett's costume was Dallas from PAYDAY
id: 35297
His girlfriend Steph was Tinkerbell
id: 35298
Bryce and Alicia went as bacon and an egg
id: 35299
Ponies! Here's Jane as Rainbow Dash
id: 35300
Tony was The Reanimator. After seeing the movie, I no longer approve of this costume!
id: 35301
Emily as Pinkie Pie!
id: 35302
Tony creepily puts on gloves to make drinks
id: 35303
Alicia says this photo "pretty much sums up our relationship"
id: 35304
Bacon man heads to the living room
id: 35305
The MakerBot! We meet at last!
id: 35306
Tony's classy liquor globe
id: 35307
It's the Derpy that Amanda painted for Tony!
id: 35308
Shayna says thumbs up to parties
id: 35309
James as Derpy!
id: 35310
What's Rainbow Dash drinking?
id: 35311
Derpy's armed! Run!
id: 35312
Brett really wants to rob something
id: 35313
Liz as Applejack goes for a ride on Derpy's back?
id: 35314
Look out for the spider!
id: 35315
Bacon Man thinks about life
id: 35316
id: 35317
Brett finally snaps and takes Tony as a hostage
id: 35318
The gross jelly skeleton thing on the wall
id: 35319
Alicia peeking over Bryce's shoulder
id: 35320
What's in the bag, Tony?
id: 35321
id: 35322
Lightswitch rave?
id: 35323
Pinkie Pie has a pretty big glass!
id: 35324
What drink is red? Why doesn't Tony have any normal drinks?
id: 35325
Tony kept cooking stuff all night. The food was delicious!
id: 35326
Brett's mask is so creepy
id: 35327
Bryce had no idea the glowstick was there when I took this photo
id: 35328
Into the pony castle!
id: 35329
Friendship is Magic
id: 35330
Tony's a ladies man. A ladies man. A lalalalalalalalaladies man.
id: 35331
I like James' use of headphones as Derpy eyes
id: 35332
Bacon and egg!
id: 35333
What's this face all about, Bryce?
id: 35334
I think Brett took this photo while chasing down Steph
id: 35335
Now the mask looks like it's made of bacon
id: 35336
Dance party in the other room!
id: 35337
Brett has no idea
id: 35338
As weird as this photo is, I can't help but wonder what the hell is happening on the TV
id: 35339
The dance party continues, and now I know why I was cold all night! The window was open!
id: 35340
Taking photos of me?? How preposterous.
id: 35341
Caveman Bryce, photo by Alicia
id: 35342
I was a photographer. Original, I know. Like my Brony shirt?
id: 35343
What the hell is going on here?
id: 35344
It's too much for Bryce to handle
id: 35345
Ahhh, I know that face. That face means that Brett is blitzed
id: 35346
Alicia calls this face "pensive"
id: 35347
I call this face "stinkeye"
id: 35348
Alicia has been spending too much time with Bryce. She can do a frighteningly good grimace
id: 35349
Tony can't help but go all Zoidberg when he puts oven mitts on.
id: 35350
Tony pulls out another pizza
id: 35351
Now Alicia's armed!
id: 35352
"Don't touch my gun!"
id: 35353
Poor Bryce. Some masked assailant has taken him hostage
id: 35354
Brett is certainly having a good time
id: 35355
Oh no! A showdown!
id: 35356
Shayna as Starbuck back to back to Brett as Dallas
id: 35357
id: 35358
What madman would give a gun to Pinkie Pie!
id: 35359
What is this look all about?
id: 35360
Yikes, or how about this look??
id: 35361
Ack! No shooting photographers!
id: 35362
What's up, Brett?
id: 35363
Meet your future attorney
id: 35364
This is the night of 1000 funny Alicia faces
id: 35365
Tony printed me a tiny space shuttle!
id: 35366
Oh no, I've been spotted!
id: 35367
Liz is dancing?
id: 35368
Nothing classier than scotch in a Hulk shot glass
id: 35369
Did the spider eat Derpy??
id: 35370
Who would bacon want to shoot?
id: 35371
What happened to Tinkerbell's wings??
id: 35372
Oh Brett
id: 35373
Applejack, where is your hat??
id: 35374
Shayna considers shooting us all
id: 35375
Strike a pose
id: 35376
Pictures are funny
id: 35377
Another pose!
id: 35378
Bacon Man demonstrates the dance of his people
id: 35379
Tony's favorite stuffed turtle
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