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11/18/11 - Anime USA 2011! Setup and a few cosplay photos

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id: 35380
Omar's ready for a CONVENTION!
id: 35381
He's got his home made "juice"
id: 35382
Amanda tries on the pony ears
id: 35383
This was how we got internet, Alan's funny little wifi hotspot
id: 35384
"I dub thee Sir Pony" ?
id: 35385
"But I don't wanna be a pony!"
id: 35386
We got a much bigger room this year!
id: 35387
Alan grumps at his computer
id: 35388
Vic wrestles with the title card system
id: 35389
Nice setup this year!
id: 35390
Alan still rocking the kit lens
id: 35391
I didn't really think about this photo as I took it but I think it came out well
id: 35392
Testing video output
id: 35393
Sweet wallpaper
id: 35394
Fix those levels!
id: 35395
How we stay awake for the 2:30am-4:00am block
id: 35396
Hey Jeff!
id: 35397
Omar loves things
id: 35398
Vic's always happy when things are working
id: 35399
The flaky title card system. Next year I'll have something better built!
id: 35400
Jeff on his giant Mac
id: 35401
An unguarded photo of Mike! So difficult
id: 35402
"Yeah we're going to need like.. this much mixer"
id: 35403
Sweetie Belle! My first pony cosplay photo! Well.. first since I could recognize them on my own..
id: 35404
The view in the "booth"
id: 35405
This guy had a muffin cannon, but you can't really tell from this angle
id: 35406
DDR-like games?
id: 35407
Vault Girl?
id: 35408
Fluttershy! She didn't have her wings at the time but it was still a great costume
id: 35409
id: 35410
I commissioned this horrifying drawing of Muk with Bryce's head. Yikes.
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