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11/23/11 - Wandering around Melrose in the late Fall

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id: 35548
Some flower in my Mom's yard that are dreading the winter
id: 35549
I'm sure this thing looked better in the summer
id: 35550
The back of my Mom's house
id: 35551
Looking down Meridian Street
id: 35552
Our house is old. And apparently has a name
id: 35553
Mom's chicken pot. It broke when water inside it froze
id: 35554
Power lines
id: 35555
Looking down a street nearby
id: 35556
Looking back up Meridian Street
id: 35557
The T!
id: 35558
id: 35559
Weird stubbly airplane
id: 35560
The motorcycle was all crooked
id: 35561
No one wants to play with this thing anymore I guess
id: 35562
id: 35563
Swings are fun
id: 35564
Abandoned toys
id: 35565
Sort of a ladder?
id: 35566
The underside of the play structure
id: 35567
id: 35568
This guy was a friend of my Dad's who died after being in Vietnam for only ten days.
id: 35569
He used to live near here. Such a waste
id: 35570
id: 35571
Do other parts of the country have these things? Does this even work anymore?
id: 35572
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