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11/24/11 - Thanksgiving! Gragra stopped by to have dinner with us and Becky made a pie!

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id: 35573
Got to cut up the apples for the apple pie
id: 35574
Cut off the skin
id: 35575
id: 35576
Becky's really excited
id: 35577
Mom said she had to cut vents in the pie, so Becky took the opportunity to cut her first initial in it
id: 35578
id: 35579
The turkey's coming along
id: 35580
Checking the recipe for.. something
id: 35581
Checking the turkey
id: 35582
Hi Mom
id: 35583
Gragra's here!
id: 35584
Isabelle doesn't like all these people around
id: 35585
"Smile for the camera!"
id: 35586
"Make a weird face for the camera!"
id: 35587
Stuffing. Never had it, never will!
id: 35588
Gragra, stop making that weirdo face!!
id: 35589
Mmm, cranberry juice and vodka
id: 35590
Carving the turkey
id: 35591
id: 35592
id: 35593
Not a huge dinner, but it was good!
id: 35594
Gragra loves Thanksgiving
id: 35595
Becky caught off guard
id: 35596
Oh no! The weirdo face is spreading!
id: 35597
Three generations!
id: 35598
Gragra and Mom
id: 35599
Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane stopped by for desert
id: 35600
Aunt Diane! She made the crazy face too but wouldn't let me post it
id: 35601
Becky's got a mondo-collar thing going on
id: 35602
Uncle Michael loves desert
id: 35603
Macaroni looks deep into the camera
id: 35604
Camera duel?
id: 35605
Main Street Melrose. They filmed scenes from The Town right near here
id: 35606
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