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11/25/11 - Going to black light minigolf with Brett and Steph

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id: 35607
Brett loves the pony ears
id: 35608
We had no idea the minigolf place was going to be a black light place!
id: 35609
Steph's shirt really stood out
id: 35610
It begins
id: 35611
The course ahead. Nothing too fancy, but it was fun
id: 35612
id: 35613
Standing on the wall?
id: 35614
Creepy pumpkin
id: 35615
Steph glows in the dark!
id: 35616
Laser show!
id: 35617
My pony pins really stand out in the black light
id: 35618
Steph's socks looked like they were putting out their own light!
id: 35619
Even Steph wore the pony ears!
id: 35620
Brett calculates the score
id: 35621
Who will win?
id: 35622
I managed to win! I pulled into the lead on the last hole
id: 35623
Air hockey!
id: 35624
Brett vs me. Who will win??
id: 35625
I won the first game, but then Brett kicked my ass
id: 35626
Where did the puck go?
id: 35627
Arcades are fun and make for interesting photos
id: 35628
Brett vs Steph
id: 35629
Brett loves air hockey
id: 35630
Steph got some great shots
id: 35631
Ready to rock
id: 35632
"You taking my picture?"
id: 35633
Fun glowy floor
id: 35634
Brett playing the basketball arcade machine
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