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11/27/11 - Brian's son Carter gets baptized!

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id: 35681
What's over there, Becky?
id: 35682
This baby is clearly thrilled about this
id: 35683
Suspicious baby is suspicious
id: 35684
Enthusiastic priest is enthusiastic
id: 35685
Putting the magic water on Carter's head
id: 35686
id: 35687
Carter and his family
id: 35688
Carter's ready for this day to be over
id: 35689
This is Unlce Jimmy's photography face
id: 35690
Uncle Jimmy sitting with one of innumerable children running around
id: 35691
More children!
id: 35692
Hey Becky!
id: 35693
Dad loves events like this
id: 35694
Aunt Nancy
id: 35695
Brother and brother talk shop
id: 35696
Uncle Jimmy explains how he made the bench
id: 35697
Carpentry sign language?
id: 35698
Uncle Jimmy listens to Dad talk about.. something
id: 35699
Looking at maps on my iPad
id: 35700
Becky thought it was kind of funny watching them use the iPad
id: 35701
Waiting for my flight back to Buffalo!
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