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12/09/11 - Synacor Holiday Party 2011!

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id: 35708
Party time!
id: 35709
Phil's "why are you pointing a camera at me" face
id: 35710
Steve's "why are you pointing a camera at Phil" face
id: 35711
id: 35712
id: 35713
id: 35714
id: 35715
id: 35716
Maestro arrived in style
id: 35717
Funny story?
id: 35718
Steve always makes this face when people try to take his picture
id: 35719
Why so mad, Matt?
id: 35720
Oh jeez, even more mad!
id: 35721
id: 35722
This is how Eric Shields showed up. Toe shoes, shorts, and hawaiian shirt!
id: 35723
Beager is too tall!
id: 35724
What's John looking at?
id: 35725
id: 35726
Pooja asked me to take her picture
id: 35727
This year's winner of the mustache contest!
id: 35728
Hi Megan
id: 35729
Ahhh! Blinding autofocus!
id: 35730
Checking the internet?
id: 35731
Mike and his girlfriend
id: 35732
Pooja asked me to take a picture of her whole team.. and here they are!
id: 35733
Occupy Buffalo has a cold night ahead of them
id: 35734
Steve and Megan
id: 35735
Matt sitting in the window
id: 35736
This is no time for football!
id: 35737
The Synapps team!
id: 35738
Hey, we got Matt to smile for a photo
id: 35739
Stop giving me that look!
id: 35740
id: 35741
Is this dancing?
id: 35742
Steve had fun watching everyone dance like idiots
id: 35743
Photo of the night!! So ridiculous
id: 35744
Pooja was dancing too
id: 35745
Veena and her boyfriend
id: 35746
Mr. Tim Ace shows off his moves on the dance floor
id: 35747
This is Shawn's response to us heckling him since we could keep drinking and he had to drive
id: 35748
One of the waiters took our picture! Note Shawn's hand...
id: 35749
The elusive Mirabella caught in the wild
id: 35750
I wish I knew what Steve was looking at here
id: 35751
id: 35752
"You can't have YOUR camera up!"
id: 35753
See? I wore a blazer. That's dressed up, right?
id: 35754
Kate and Eric!
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