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12/16/11 - The Vending Machine Challenge returns to Synacor!

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id: 35755
Pretty confidence with the cape!
id: 35756
I don't know this guy, I think he's new. But I ilke his attitude!
id: 35757
I wasn't the only one taking pictuers
id: 35758
Not feeling too great, are you?
id: 35759
This bag alone is like 500 calories
id: 35760
All of this is in his stomach! Gross!
id: 35761
He has to eat all five of these things in about 15 minutes
id: 35762
Recording video
id: 35763
Matt wasn't the only one competing, but he came the closest!
id: 35764
Come on, Super Matt!
id: 35765
Well, he failed, but he still gets a round of applause!
id: 35766
Chris stuffs down some Ho-Hos
id: 35767
Lots of people were watching
id: 35768
The remains of the challenge
id: 35769
I don't want it! Don't point that thing at me!
id: 35770
In the end, no one wins.
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