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12/16/11 - Reddit Secret Santa! Also MLP subreddit Secret Santa!

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id: 35778
What could be in this box??
id: 35779
A paper stocking? For meee?
id: 35780
This is the first time I've eaten candy from a stranger on the internet. And hopefully not the last
id: 35781
A nice litle note!
id: 35782
This monkey is big! His arms are elastic so he can fly around
id: 35783
A wrapped present inside
id: 35784
Ooo! Mike Mullane's biography! I can't wait to dig into it
id: 35785
The complete package! Bizzell did his research and I was thrilled with the gift!
id: 35786
Buzz was too
id: 35787
Meanwhile, another package is here!
id: 35788
With a fun little bee
id: 35789
Another box?
id: 35790
Ooo, international
id: 35791
What is this strange yellow thing?
id: 35792
Oh ho, it's a knitted blob-form Fluttershy!
id: 35793
Cutie mark and all
id: 35794
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