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12/24/11 - Christmas with Dad!

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id: 35795
Becky's excited
id: 35796
"You want presents?"
id: 35797
What could it be?
id: 35798
Becky inspects her cards
id: 35799
Dad loves socks. Way too much
id: 35800
I got Dad 100 scalpels. Now he'll never have to worry about a dull scalpel preventing him from cutting articles out of newspapers again!
id: 35801
And I finally got him the last season of the Sopranos. What show should be next??
id: 35802
The Boston skyline seen on the way to Marshfield
id: 35803
Carter! We meet again!
id: 35804
Becky loves babies
id: 35805
Aunt Nancy holds Carter
id: 35806
Where did Dad get that enormous glass?
id: 35807
Hi Aunt Nancy!
id: 35808
Brian with Carter
id: 35809
Carter likes keys
id: 35810
Dad had fun riding kids around on his shoulders
id: 35811
Becky and Caroline!
id: 35812
Uncle Jimmy is always making this face
id: 35813
Becky showed Caroline how to track Santa on NORAD's website
id: 35814
Sitting in front of the Christmas tree
id: 35815
Elaine with Caroline and Carter
id: 35816
Eventually, Caroline ran Becky's iPhone's battery out checking Santa, so she moved on to my iPad
id: 35817
The happy family
id: 35818
Dad's still in ride mode
id: 35819
Father and son
id: 35820
So many shoulder rides
id: 35821
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