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12/24/11 - Christmas Eve with everyone at Uncle Michael's place!

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id: 35822
Jeez, when did the Branagans stop being little kids?
id: 35823
With those papers out it can only mean one thing... *shudder* carolling time
id: 35824
Aunt Meredith and Aunt Teresa singing
id: 35825
Gragra's bizarre and growing collection of novelty robots
id: 35826
Fa la la la la, la fus roh dah
id: 35827
You can't see it here, but the bottom of the page lists a Geocities URL
id: 35828
Well isn't this just Christmasy as all getout
id: 35829
Danny spent the entire night hiding from my camera, which of course just made me take more pictures of him
id: 35830
Whoa, creepy camera guy in the mirror
id: 35831
Greg loves carolling.
id: 35832
Uncle Peter provides the bass
id: 35833
Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane!
id: 35834
Johnny gave me a pretty funny look
id: 35835
id: 35836
Gragra actually does love carolling
id: 35837
Becky thinks all this nonsense is pretty funny
id: 35838
Ha! Gotcha
id: 35839
See? Clearly Greg loves carolling
id: 35840
Johnny and Melissa
id: 35841
Johnny helps his brother hide from the camera
id: 35842
Well this photo is just hilarious. Who IS the mysterious Godiva man?
id: 35843
Uncle Chris and Greg look through some book
id: 35844
Greg is back from India.. but for how long??
id: 35845
Melissa and Uncle Peter!
id: 35846
Aunt Meredith opening gifts
id: 35847
Everyone gathered around to watch the Jib-Jab animation Uncle Michael made with everyone's heads
id: 35848
Gragra loved it. You see? The internet. Bringing people together.
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