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12/25/11 - Christmas with Mom and then later at Gragra's place!

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id: 35849
Ready to get started!
id: 35850
Macaroni knows Christmas as "Glorious Ubiquitous Paper Day"
id: 35851
Becky catches up on her phone in between presents. For shame!
id: 35852
Macaroni needs to stop eating paper
id: 35853
Why can't he just chill out like Isabelle?
id: 35854
What could be in this big heavy box?
id: 35855
It's the Twilight series!
id: 35856
I'll stick to Twilight Sparkle, thanks
id: 35857
I was originally going to wrap this gift while it was still in the much larger Amazon box, so it had way too much paper
id: 35858
It's a Roku! Mom wasn't sure what it was at first but was cruising Netflix, Amazon, and all that jazz in no time
id: 35859
id: 35860
It's a Kindle! "This makes my shower curtain gift look pretty lame!"
id: 35861
Mom, I mean Twilight, got me a pony t-shirt! So funny
id: 35862
Gragra's ready for Christmas dinner
id: 35863
Why is it tied up? So it can't escape?
id: 35864
This is a look I've become very familiar with over the years. It's the "why are you buggin' me?" look
id: 35865
Becky in her usual chair
id: 35866
Gragra opens cards very very slowly
id: 35867
Becky was thrilled with her funny retro phone handset
id: 35868
Mom hanging out
id: 35869
Opening gifts!
id: 35870
You hook this old style phone handset up to your iPhone and it's like you've got an old phone! It's actually pretty convenient
id: 35871
Mmmm Bugles.
id: 35872
Aunt Teresa got some funny little dues
id: 35873
Gragra listening to Uncle Chris about.. something
id: 35874
"Why are you pointing that giant les at me?"
id: 35875
Mom asked me to take some photos of the dinner table
id: 35876
Isn't that nice
id: 35877
I was supposed be having my picture taken, not taking my own!
id: 35878
Mom's runners were a big hit this year
id: 35879
Mom just likes having everyone home
id: 35880
This was the best group photo we could manage. Should've taken more photos, Mom!
id: 35881
I immediately turned it around on her!
id: 35882
Gragra and Mom!
id: 35883
Two sisters and their mom!
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