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12/31/11 - It's New Years, which means it's time for Alancon 11-12!

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id: 35884
Whoooo! Party!!!
id: 35885
This is Alan's new place. It's nicer than the old place, but seems to be listing..
id: 35886
Ben loves awkwardly posing for photos
id: 35887
Yup, this is what the rest of you guys missed by not coming on Friday night!
id: 35888
Amanda's much vaunted gift!
id: 35889
Well I definitely like the wrapping paper
id: 35890
Holy crap! It's a ponified plushie of Rakka!
id: 35891
It's beautiful!
id: 35892
And Vic got me that Rakka figure I've had my eye on for years!
id: 35893
Amanda also made Derpy! And look how derped it is!
id: 35894
id: 35895
Derpy with Rakka ..also Rakka
id: 35896
Her cutie mark is crow feathers. Clever!
id: 35897
I love the wing covers
id: 35898
I'll have to think of something really good to repay these great gifts
id: 35899
Alan takes some photos of the ponies
id: 35900
Vic checks out the sushi menu
id: 35901
I pointed the camera at Alan and waited around 30 second to take the photo to see if he would make a weird face
id: 35902
Kabuki's is always great
id: 35903
This year I poured the liquor for the punch
id: 35904
"Just dump the entire bottle!"
id: 35905
What a weird shape!
id: 35906
The frozen orange juice was kind of gross
id: 35907
Amanda brought some tiny ponies to put on Vic and my birthday cake
id: 35908
What's up with Fluttershy's hair??
id: 35909
Pinkie Pie stands on Vic's head
id: 35910
Our cake!
id: 35911
We missed Bryce, who was on vacation in the Dominican Republic, so we watched some videos of him on Youtube
id: 35912
I love this photo
id: 35913
Vic hooking up all his gear
id: 35914
I liike this photo because it kind of looks like Jefferson is rocking out
id: 35915
Hey Albert
id: 35916
Jeff on the nice couch
id: 35917
Amanda borrows my pony ears
id: 35918
Jeff works on a Rebirth creation on his iPad
id: 35919
This year plastic instruments are out and real instruments are in!
id: 35920
This was how we spent most of the weekend. Hanging out, drinking punch, watching online video. Good times!
id: 35921
Paul was pretty good with the guitar!
id: 35922
This is Vic's impression of Lyra
id: 35923
We talked to Bryce on Skype!
id: 35924
Vic didn't have a microphone but he got some headphones
id: 35925
The man behind the curtain, Alan Chaess
id: 35926
Bryce is funny
id: 35927
It was cool that we could talk to Bryce even though he was thousands of miles away
id: 35928
Everyone looks so bored! Be funnier, Bryce!
id: 35929
Alan talking to Bryce
id: 35930
Time for cheesesteaks!
id: 35931
Jeff orders his Pat's steak
id: 35932
Jeff Heller: badass. He's got a Pat's steak AND a Geno's steak!
id: 35933
It was so warm we ate in town.. and missed midnight! Oops!
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