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01/14/12 - Brett and Bryce come to visit me in Buffalo!

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id: 35971
Bryce missed hanging out with the kitties
id: 35972
And Neil missed Bryce!
id: 35973
Bryce took to Rocksmith pretty quickly! Look at him rocking out
id: 35974
After a day spent in the Synacor game room, we all headed out to Pearl Street for dinner
id: 35975
Phil's ready for a beer
id: 35976
Eric's ready to make a weird face
id: 35977
Brett was a fan of the food
id: 35978
I think Bryce wished he was still playing Gears of War 2
id: 35979
Phil likes jokes
id: 35980
The next day, we needed to get some real Buffalo wings, so we headed to Duff's!
id: 35981
Brett's burglary hat
id: 35982
Bryce texts Alicia
id: 35983
Now this looks like a good time
id: 35984
You are now hungry
id: 35985
Bryce got some great parmesan wings
id: 35986
Brett got some honey barbeque boneless wings
id: 35987
They had a game room at Duff's so of course we had to drop a few bucks on games
id: 35988
Brett tried the arcade version of Mario Kart
id: 35989
Not bad!
id: 35990
We picked up a couple of board games at Target, including this one: Blokus
id: 35991
Brett organizing his pieces
id: 35992
Between the blanket and the board game, Bryce looks even more like a mental patient than usual
id: 35993
Hi Neil!
id: 35994
This game was Bryce' suggestion and it was a lot of fun!
id: 35995
Bryce is really good at Blokus, so he got a little board
id: 35996
The cats hung out near us
id: 35997
Bryce is heading home! Goodbye Neil!
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